A Final Word for 2013

First of all, I want to apologize for not responding sooner to dedicated fans re: my book, “…and I owe it all to Bridget and John” of which some of you requested that my work be displayed on the buddywasisname web site. After much deliberation, I decided not to go ahead with this idea, but rather leave it alone, as I didn’t want my work interfering in any way, shape or form with the products as listed on our site for sale purposes.

In the meantime, you can purchase my work by contacting me at 709-584-3624, and/or by emailing me at: makeandbreak@hotmail.com. If you wish you can purchase same through some of the local book stores here in the province, and/or contacting my publisher at:info@drcpublishingnl.com

As a follow-up, I wish to inform you all that come this spring my second book, ‘I Know that Voice’ will be released and sold in stores throughout the province. This work is special, in that it contains 16 pieces of music from my old albums, of which a CD is included. As an added bonus, I decided to record my father, the late Johnny Johnson, who I might add is singing two songs you may be familiar with.

The book as mentioned contains 16 pieces that includes the lyrics, music score, photos and stores on each piece.

Finally, a note on the past year; just to say that the band owes a great deal of gratitude to all of our dedicated fans who made 2013 a special time, in this our 30th anniversary.


  1. I can’t wait to purchase your second book. I have the first one and am thrilled that you signed it for me when I saw the last concert in Calgary.

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