A Story or Two

Story #1. In the Community of Caplin Cove, here on the North Shore of Conception Bay there was once lived a lady who was always frightened by the sound of thunder. Her husband who played the accordion, of which she hated with a passion longed for her husband to arrive home from work so he could pick up the accordion and drown out the sound of thunder before bedtime. Once home, the husband did as was requested and at last she was able to go to bed without being distribued by the thunder. True story as told by her son from Caplin Cove

Story #2. This past weekend I had the privilege
to attend the Accordion Festival in Eastport. To say the least I was amazed at the number of young students who took part in the festival. They ranged from 10 years of age to people in their sixties. As a performer of the accordion myself, it’s great to report that such an event as the Eastport Accordion Festival is truly a remarkable event in promoting our young people to take an interest in the accordion and or heritage and culture at its best.


  1. Frank McDonald says:

    I’ve played, with Delmon Reid and Les Willmott, at the Accordion Festival for the last 5 years and we have a great time. I appreciate that it is not a competition but a chance for lovers of the accordion to come together and share their music.

    My compliments to the people of the Eastport area for creating this oportunity for the Province.

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