I realize that ‘Music Unlimited’ speaks volumes, especially where ‘Melody’ is invloved. At the same time, I cannot say the same thing as relating to present-day Rap music, only to mention that the Cap worn by the so called Rappers has created an imagine whereby the thought of ‘Melody’ has been shot to the one side, thus leaving the music world in a two-way frenzy.

Re: the Cap Routine, should Buddy Wasisname take on this role, I’m sure he would do a fabulous character without having to omit ‘Melody’ that would in turn formulate an ingenius comedic performance that many would come to enjoy.

Finally, and, as many of our fans have come to appreciate, ‘Melody’ in such songs as ‘Sarah’ and Saltwater Joys’ have proven to be a highlight on the Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers concert stage and throughout the country, thus giving a true impression that ‘Melody’ is indeed here to stay.

-Ray Johnson


  1. Dexter Francis says:

    Apologies for the email adress, its just a nickname i have. My name is dexter and im 19 and i would like to tell you about how much you, wayne and kevin have influenced me as a fellow music lover. Typically people dont understand how serious i am when i sing and when i write songs or just playing along with others generally. It may be because of my age and although it is understandable that most younger people don’t typically enjoy newfoundland music (or real music as i call it) there are some that do. I like all music. Pink Floyd, Goerge Jones, Ellis & Wince Coles to you guys. I just wish that people would understand the Beauty in the words you guys write and the songs im trying to write; everyboby has to start somewhere. Your music is to me as salmon is to a black bear. I never really get tired of it ya know? I have plenty to write about too its just that im not really where i want to be right now. If you can get back to me ill send you a copy of some of my lyrics and you can tell me if it is good enough and if anything needs improving. Im open to criticism.

  2. Tyler Thompson says:

    hey Ray what you just said about new music was 100% true i was talking to you last march in the airport and i forgot to email you after i got home your tunes are among the best ive heard and the music you guys play is amazing it reminds me of the things i like to do ,like in the woods or out in the boat for the day, whatever you do dont give up writing songs theyre to good to stop now.

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