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Since my last report I have been quite busy with the band whereby we have toured the Maritimes and, just recently Labrador City and Goose Bay where the temperature was quite low as oppose to mainland Newfoundland. As usual though, the people in Labrador treated us like kings. The invitations from fans for a meal or two was quite outstanding, of which I want to tank you.

Apart from the above, just to mention we did 5 sold out shows in Grand Falls. I was blown away with the number of young people who came out to see us. Great indeed!

On a personal note, I would like to let you all know that I have been working on a 6 ft. model of the R.M.S. Titanic. The whole hull has been completed with potholes drilled, thus allowing the lights that were installed inside of the structure to show up at night. Now the only thing remaining is to work on all the upper decks and place the four funnels in place, all of which will display the model’s true colors as was the Titanic known for back in 1912. Once the model is complete, I hope to add photo for your enjoyment and interest.

With regards to another book, I’m happy to report that a second volume is in the making. More on this in the months ahead.


  1. Thomas Tatchell says:

    Good Evening Mr. Johnson,

    I was at your show in Labrador city my young fellow and I sat in the front row. After the show we met you for some signings and I intended to ask you if you guys had a song made up about my hometown of Castor River, NL while in on the brook salmon fishing. I heard that there was such a song called ball hockey flush or something to that effect and I intended on asking you but that lady with the hysterical laugh made me forget all about it.

    If there is such a song can u advise me how I go about obtaining a copy of it.


    Thomas Tatchell
    Labrador City

  2. Rev. Fran Ota says:

    After last night’s fantastic performance, I hope you are not in too much pain, Ray. Good thing today is a sort-of day off. It was great to hear you all before leaving Newfoundland and moving back home. Been here three years and missed you every time. Last night was so funny and very moving in places – and you are all so talented. Bless you, and I hope you do Toronto sometime in the next year.

  3. Jonathan Porter says:

    Hello Ray,

    Just want to drop you a note and thank you so much for making our experience at your show in Ottawa unforgettable! Our daughter Sarah Porter was truly touched to have you dedicate “Sarah” to her that night at the show!

    As a member of the RCAF and a displaced East Coaster from Bridgewater NS, you really brought back the connection to home for us while posted to Ottawa. You are a truly talented person with a very kind heart.

    All the best, Jonathan and the Porter family.

  4. Beverley King says:


    You’ll have to bring your model to our Wooden Boat Conference, being held this year in Buddy’s home town – GLOVERTOWN! We’d love to have you join us! Details on the conference will be circulated mid June. We also plan to have a Make and Break workshop on Friday, along with a “Boats in the Harbour” event! Great place to bring your boat as well!
    Will be in touch


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