The Master Boat Builder: Henry Vokey

Back in June of this year I had the honor and privilege to meet Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s Master Boat Builder, Henry Vokey in the beautiful community of Trinity. The purpose of my going to Trinity was to take in an event that will go down in history as Henry launched his 44 ft. schooner. The crowd that was hand gave him such an applause that the whole town teary ide as they were felt the spiritual conviction looming beyond the horizon.

Following the launching, there was a find get toether at the town hall where people spoke and shook hands with the Master builder and, of course, I was one of those people who shook his hand. When we shook hands there was a bond that simply was magical. I told him it was an honor to meet him and ‘likewise’ he said. Right after his comment, he asked, ‘did you bring along your accordion’ Yes I told him.

From there and until the wee hours of the afternoon he and I shared stories that will remain with me for a long time to come.

Incidentally, he presented me with a beautiful picture of his schooner and several photos of himslef.


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