We Are Grateful

There comes a time in ones musical career to say how gratifying its been to be part of the Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers team. The last few years have been quite remarkable in that the support from our dedicated fans is growing and that the new & up-coming audience leads us to believe we have still a bright future ahead of us. Based on your handshakes, emails, phone calls, personal encounters, it would also appear that the material we share with each and everyone of you is reaching down inside of you and taking hold, thus giving an indication that you are true to the highest core. As far as I am concerned these types of comments cannot go un-noticed; afterall, it’s you the audience who puts Buddywasisname team to the forefront of entertainment, of which we are grateful. A BIG thank you indeed.

Ray J.


  1. Cathy Mugford says:

    have been toward you and the group.

    Hi Ray,

    This is one of the people that you come and visit at the Escasoni home. In the piece above, you have really captured and know exactly how your audiences feel about you, the boys and your music.

    You are right in saying that we, the fans are the ones that have kept you going all thease _____ of years.
    We buy your cd’s, dvd’s, and go to your concerts. I would say also, that you would still have a long,
    bright future ahead of you. And that makes me happy.

    It seems to me that it will soon be time for another personal encounter with us at the home. Haven’t seen you since Christmas. You know your welcome anytinme, just let someone know.

  2. Patty Jaques says:

    Hello. Our family discovered your group because my son’s friend brought one of your CD’s for us to listen to. We have been to 2 of your concerts in Keswick, Ontario and hope that you will visit us again. Your fun songs and your sad songs are always enjoyable and I hope that there will be many more. Thank you.

  3. Joellen Hovis says:

    Ray, I have been to Newfoundland several times, will visit again this fall. but I took my grandson (11yrs. old) to your “The sheds tour” at Carboneer and we bought every “Buddy” album available on two week our drive throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. He still plays your music, now at 18 and HS school graduate. Already working as a Master Welder, and has worked with his hands since he could hold a hammer. He won’t date a girl that doesn’t hink you guys are the greatest. Thank you for keeping my American kid “real”. Gotta say, you’re vocals make me melencholy, that’s why I’m making my fourth trip, just to drive the coast, sit in the kitchen with local hosts, and listen to Newfoundland music. god bless!!! (Joellen Hovis, Harrisville, Pa. USA, retired special Ed. Teacher.)

  4. John Gordon says:


    I saw the website on my internet favorites list had to take a peek at what was new, if anything, on the site. I have to say I was very disappointed to understand that an Ottawa appearance was not in the cards for this year. It will be the first year since you first performed in a school assembly in the spring of 1984 that I have not seen you guys perform at least once in a 12 month period; it saddened my heart when I made this realization. That being said, I will be first in line for tickets next year for your May, 2013, show (according to a note I saw from Kevin).

    1984… hard to believe that so many years have go by since that first time. Did you know that I’ve destroyed 2 sets of cassettes and now have my cd’s on their last legs as well. How, you might ask… worn out from constant playing. You may not realize how much your music has affected me and kept my memories of Glovertown, and NF as a whole, alive in me. My wife and kids enjoy you guys as well… I can probably count on my hands an feet the total of days that at least one of your songs have NOT been played in our house or in the vehicle.

    I can go on but time is short, just have one small question… after 45 years i’m teaching myself to play the guitar and was wondering where I might get my hands on some music sheets for some songs you guys play. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best my friend,


  5. Betty Layman says:

    A lot of us are very disappointed that you will not have a show in Carbonear this season. We all love your shows and we will miss you. Everyone cannot go to st john’s but can manage to go to Carbonear.
    Maybe next season. we will miss all of your performances. Take Care, GOD BLESS

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